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BA English, BA Economics, BA History, BSc Maths, Bsc IT, Bsc Computer Science, BAMS, LLB, BA Sociology, B.Com with co-operation, B.Com Computer Application, BSW
MA English, MA Economics, MA History, MSc Maths, Msc IT, MSc Computer Science, MAMS, LLM, MA Sociology, M.Com with co-operation, M.Com Computer Application, MCA. MSW

Edu Consultancy

Study in Canada,US, UK

For a student, his / her alma mater embodies information and knowledge experiences, memorable interactions, treasured networks and cherished memories of a lifetime. His personality, professionalism and perceptions are built on this foundation. Gaining admission to the best schools is an effort requiring competence coupled with enthusiasm, right knowledge and focused endeavor.

The first step in this process is undoubtedly the crucial decision as to which college and university best suits your unique needs. This choice will determine to a large degree your chances of admission. The student has to match aspirations with reality and aim for schools, colleges and universities which are in within the range of attainment.

Edu Consultancy help students in the college application process . They have knowledge and experience to guide you in right direction. Edu Consultancy may help you in the university selection, documentation process,etc We are providing you the list of universities and courses which are best for your aptitude. These counsultancy services as being the topmost can provide you the most prominant suggestions for your future.

Edu Consultancy Overseas impart A-Z admission support in major Universities of Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

Our Consultancy services

  • Study in Canada
  • The educational system in Canada provides students with adequate chance to gain learning experience in international surroundings. Canadian universities are largely public funded and as a result offer consistently high quality education at lower tuition rates for international students than their counterparts in competing countries.

  • Study in Europe
  • The European gives every one, regardless of age, the right to travel, live, work, study and retire in any EU country they choose. And there are plenty of opportunities. Innovation is a vital precondition for increasing Europe ’s Competitiveness in world education. The EU promotes educational cooperation, exchanges and courses in European integration with some 80 countries around the world.

  • Study in UK
  • A qualification from a UK institution is very prestigious, as standards are high at all levels. Universities and colleges are continually assessed by official bodies that grade the standard of their research and teaching.The qualifications students gain are recognised worldwide, and UK courses encourage independence, creativity and, importantly, self-reliance. All of these qualities are appreciated by employers worldwide.

  • Study in Australia
  • Australia is a politically stable, safe and friendly country that welcomes international students. International students in Australia can work up to 20 hours a week, allowing them to earn money, gain useful work experience in a foreign country and meet a variety of new people. Food, accommodation, clothing, transport, telephone and internet all work out cheaper in Australian dollars.